Aio Sifu, currently a member of the Sound Healer’s Association, was born Jacqueline M. Houston, and hails from Washington, D.C., where she had the great fortune to have attended school during  a time when fine arts in the public school system was encouraged.  It is here that music presented itself as a haven starting at the elementary school level. 

Ms. Sifu followed “the sound” all the way to the music Department of S.U.N.Y. Geneseo with a double major and triple minor in the performing arts to include music composition, drama, dance and choreography. and is the founder of "Move of the Spirit Dance Ministry".

Published since the age of 10, the Houston family gift of writing allowed Aio to become a contributing editor in "Lady" magazine, and managing editor of Latter Rain, and Blood Feather Magazines.  As a writer, Spoken Word has become the venue of choice for this artist as she weaves the music and the words together to create and carry forth a message of personal change.

 Today, there is IOSND, meaning “Aio’s sound”.   Pronounced “eye-OH-son”, it is an amalgamation of all of these things and embraces her diverse Native American, Egyptian, English and celestial, heritage. Here, Ms. Sifu enjoys creating her own album art and other graphic arts projects always seeking “the ballet of lines”.   The music itself quite    often seems to dance as tonal textures intertwine, the drum pervasive and sometimes primal, the flute a bird to be  caught in the hand as it sings,  if only in a dream, a constant reminder of heights to be reached for.  Throughout all however, and much more importantly there is the envisioned opportunity, the invitation to grow; to become – if you but listen with intent.


You are here for a reason.








Lights in the Sky - The Single


The Breathing Room

Moon Phase


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