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The scope of the power of sound is too often taken for granted.  Today by doing something intentionally, you can tap into that power;  that is, listen with intent.   Listen and allow.  Intend to allow yourself to be taken wherever it is you need to go to be lifted, nourished, calmed, balanced—changed.  Listen for your becoming.  Participate—on purpose.  We are changed with every breath, every passing moment

How To Listen To This CD

Each piece in this collection was “intended”’; a goal, an artistic desire reached for to create a change of state in the listener; the first one being myself, or some situation on the planet as in “Rain For Sahel.”  Become aware of your heart rate, your breath, your  body language.  If it wants to change as you listen, let it.

 One can pick and choose, of course, as you desire, but it you start with “Breath” it can carry you into a place to better receive all that follows. 

“Miracle” is for healing, know matter what aspect needs it, and creates a “safe breathing place”.  Visit it, use it to find your air.

 “Traverse” journeys me to my heart.  Where will it take you?  What will you do with what you find there?

“Sphere is written from an ancient place.  Gaia energy speaks here from before her knowledge of Man.  What secrets might there be for you?

With “Romancing the Stone” allow your heartbeat to sync.  This one came about from the need to be grounded; to embrace “Earth Energy”.  Did you know that dirt hugs you back?  

“Cavern” goes deeper into the recesses of this planet, this “being” we call home and is not recommended for listening to while driving or operating equipment.  Take your time with this one and pack an overnight bag.   You just may want to stay in the stillness.

This song is dedicated to all of those who have given their lives for that of another; for those who blazed the pathway upon which we now walk.

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Honor is given where honor is due, be it a butterfly for its delicate beauty and metamorphic strength, the gift of the laughter of a child, or the enduring sacrifice of the fallen. This album is a salute to all these and more.

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There are moments where life steps in and snatches your breath away; steals your childhood, and if you are sufficiently driven, teaches you gut wrenching lessons about itself.  The upside is if you listen carefully to the silences between those moments you will also learn about yourself and the "amazing" you can become.

This release is a testament to the things in life that come and give us pause; the losses, revelations, and visitations that mold us and grow us.   It is a peek into the "Book of Aio" Thank you for wanting to open the cover.


You are here for a reason.








Lights in the Sky - The Single


The Breathing Room

Moon Phase


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