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On my sites I talk a lot about “Listening with intent”, taking journeys and the like.  I have come to the realization that just because that’s something that I do, doesn’t mean that everyone is going to know what I’m talking about or how to do it.

So -

To “Listen with Intent means to listen with a specific objective in mind; listen with the conviction that change, for the better, is imminent.

Let’s look at the word “intent”. By definition, it is the resolve or determination to do a thing.  We then expand this definition to include “BE” something, which is a form of doing as we go from one state to the next.  The question to ask yourself is, “What do I want to do as I listen”?  What do I want to get out of this?  Am I stressed?  Am I angry? Am I sad, am I….?“  You then set you sights (your intent) to being something better.  You can say things like, “I am listening to, “Breath” and I intend to be relaxed.”  And so it is, if not as you start, then certainly, by the end of it.  In that way, you and I have come into agreement because that was my intent when I wrote it. 

Want to take a journey?  In what direction do you want to go?  Up, down, over?  Where is your favorite place?  Still yourself as much as you are able and let the music take you.  Want to learn new things about yourself?  Be less specific in direction or scenery and link your intent with Spirit’s very best for you and again, let the music take you. 

To date, the only song I didn’t write for myself to gain or release something was “Breath”.  Everything else depicts something I was going “to” or “through”.  So if all else fails you are welcome to ride my intent that is embedded in every song.

Do you have to do any of these things?  Of course not.  Listen however you chose.  We know it’s what we do anyway.  Just know that you have options that could very well be life affirming or life changing.


Hope to see you on the Inner Side,


Aio Sifu


You are here for a reason.








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