IOSND?  What Is That?



It is my sound - as it is given.  It is the tale of the Great Blue Heron asleep at the creek's edge and the lesson learned from the viewing.  It is the dance of the Butterfly, the laughter of a child, the journey into the earth in search of a crystal.  It is the release of the breath you didn't know you were holding.

IOSND, pronounced "I OH Sun" is Aio's Sound.  It is the stories of the things I see, feel, and learn, condensed and encapsulated into wave form and even Spoken Word, to enable the moment to remain and live again.

My great desire is that you travel as you listen, Soundscape becoming "Innerscape" with images moving, shifting, revealing; painting themselves into your personal library of experience to draw upon when needed. 

Do not hesitate to bring your luggage with you.  You may find your basket lighter when you leave if you - 

                                             LISTEN WITH INTENT

"Internal Affairs" is part of a 3 CD Saga.



A Full ride on a trip up Jacob’s ladder, shared with you in sonic slices of a much grander pie. A fellow traveler and I visited vast reaches, murky depths, and met amazing reflections as we flung wide our need to grow and unburden ourselves towards that end.  We are still and will always reap the benefit of that trip.  This opportunity will soon be yours for the having, "IOSND" style, as I reach the final stages in production and publishing.




You are here for a reason.





Lights in the Sky - The Single




The Breathing Room

Moon Phase


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